Happy birthday, Patrick Monahan!

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Patrick Monahan turns 44 today!

Born in Pennsylvania to a businessman/musician father, Patrick T. Monahan's musical talent brought him to be the famed vocalist for Train.

He started his music journey by singing for a cover band, called Rogue Gallery, but the band did not last very long.

After the band dissolved, he moved to California, and met Rob Hotchkiss, former Train guitarist/backing vocal, who used to sing in coffee houses and local clubs. Together with Hotchkiss, Monahan added Jimmy Stafford, Charlie Colin, and Scott Underwood, and therefore officiated the forming of Train.

During his time with Train, 1994-2006, Monahan and his bandmates had released 4 studio albums, and won two Grammys for "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)." The song was written by Monahan, inspired by his late mother, who died of cancer.

The band then took three-year break, the time when the Irish-descent singer debuted his solo album, entitled Last of Seven. One of the songs, "Her Eyes," hit in the top 10 Billboard's Hot AC chart in 2007.

In 2009, Monahan got back to work with Train. Despite band members transitioning, this time, Monahan and the remaining band members Stafford, and Underwood returned to the studio, recording Save Me, San Fransisco.

The album was critically acclaimed, with some of the songs, "Hey, Soul Sister," "If It's Love," and "Marry Me," a commercial success. "Hey, Soul Sister" became the best selling single in Columbia Records history, "If It's Love" was certified gold by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and "Marry Me" was featured in TV series One Tree Hill.

Recently, Monahan and Train produced their latest album, California 37. The album's single, "Drive By" was certified RIAA platinum.

Other than singing, Patrick Monahan also played extras in TV series, such as CSI:NY, and Hawaii: Five-0. He also lent his voice for children's story Driver's Dan Story Train, as Driver Dan himself.



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