HBO didn’t want Beyonce’s documentary initially

By Lena Finkel,

Apparently not everyone is a fan of Queen B! When HBO first received the tape of Beyonce’s “Life is but a Dream” documentary, they wanted nothing to do with it.

HBO’s President of Programming Michael Lombardo told NY Daily News , “I knew who Beyoncé was, but I wasn’t really a fan. If you had asked me to name more than one of her songs at that point I couldn’t.”

So what changed his mind?

Instead of sending the documentary like asked, Beyonce’s team personally delivered the tape and watched it with him in the HBO’s screening room. It took nearly six weeks for Lombardo to watch it, but once he saw it, he was hooked.

“This felt so fresh and honest to me. She’s constantly walking this line between public performer and private person, and wrestling with how, in this massive spotlight, she can hold onto the part of yourself that makes you real,” he explained.

He continues, “I was also dazzled by how hard she works, the unbelievable, unsexy, hard, sweaty work that goes into mounting a show — any show she does. You just have to take you hat off to her.”

As we previously reported ,
the documentary, which premiered yesterday, is directed by Beyonce herself and contains both private moments and performances.

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