Hilarious Lena Dunham parody shows what ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ could have been (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Jessica Chastain brought an intensity to the role of CIA operative Maya in Zero Dark Thirty that few other actresses could have, but if Kathryn Bigelow was looking for a different way to go, she could have chosen Lena Dunham.

The Girls creator didn’t really audition for the super-serious film about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, but if she did, comedian Chelsea Davison knows exactly what it would look like. Davidson posted a spot-on impression of Dunham auditioning for the film.

In the two-minute video, Davidson mashes the best parts of Girls with Zero Dark Thirty.

“You know this silence is literally torturing me. And yes, I do realize now that the choice of words might have been a little inappropriate,” Davidson says with a muffin in her hand. “You know, it makes me feel like an a**hole when I have to threaten to torture you every day.”

Later, Davidson makes fun of Dunham’s constant nudity on Girls. “No, you strip the prisoner,” a voice is heard saying off camera.

“I'm a big Lena Dunham fan, I would kill to write with her,” Davidson told The Hollywood Reporter. She also claims that she made it through 12 muffins while filming the video over the weekend.

Davidson did sent the video to Dunham in a tweet, but Dunham hasn’t replied. Instead, Dunham has been defending Anne Hathaway’s look at the Oscars.

“Ladies: Anne Hathaway is a feminist and she has amazing teeth. Let's save our bad attitudes for the ones who aren't advancing the cause,” she wrote.



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