Honey Stinger Lemon Stinger Waffle

By TheCelebrityCafe.com,

Did you now that honey is a natural energy booster? It's true. Ancient Olympic athletes knew the natural power of honey and used it as a supplement. Not only does honey maintain glycogen levels, it improves recovery time more efficiently than other sweeteners.

Today honey is a recognized and well regarded supplement for modern athletes. In Europe, cyclists eat stroopwafel, a Dutch waffle filled with honey, for an energy boost while on the go.

Honey Stinger brings this European treat to the USA in the form of the Lemon Stinger Waffle. Stinger Waffle uses organic honey and other organic ingredients to create a delicious and effective food for on the go. Individually wrapped, the Lemon Stinger Waffle is the ideal food for athletes of every level. Stuff a waffle in your pocket or in your pack and you'll have a convenient and delicious source of energy while practicing your favorite activity.

The Lemon Stinger Waffle sells for $1.39 each at specialty stores and natural food retailers nationwide, and also at http://www.honeystinger.com.



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