Hot in social media: We Love Finchel, the Super Bowl, and more

By Gina Oursler,

Last time we visited the social media scene, we saw many loyal Glee Finn-Rachel lovers express how much they missed them. And this week, fans are now expressing just how much they love them.

After the mid-season premiere of Fox’s popular musical teen-dramedy, fans praised their favorite couple all over the Twitterverse. Again, as many did before the premiere, fans cried in an outpour of praise for their favorite couple. I wonder if fans will be repeating this trend across social media networks when the show airs another episode next week? It might be a safe bet to guess yes!

On Sunday, the Super Bowl is taking over New Orleans. Football fanatics and celebrities alike took to their social media accounts to express their excitement for the upcoming game. Tune in for the big game featuring the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

#HowIMetMyBestFriend was trending this week and last on Twitter and it brought out the nostalgia in everyone. Some were funny, others were confusing, some were sad. Overall, it was a nice gesture to those who have that specific “best” friend out there. Even the fan-made account for Harry Potter tweeted how he “met” his best friend:

Check in with us next week for another dose of what’s going on in the many worlds of social media!



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