'How I Met Your Mother' Recap - 'The Ashtray'

By Brett Phillippe ,

In last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, “The Ashtray”, we learned quite a few big things. First, there was the return of the Captain. With his return to the series, there were three re-tellings of the same story from different vantage points.

The first vantage point was from that of Ted. He was thinking that the captain wanted to kill him with a crossbow and that he was in love with his then fling and former nemesis of Robin, Becky. After almost dropping a priceless ashtray, Ted says that the captain wants to shoot him with a harpoon. It turns out, though, that Ted was higher than a kite, and a good portion of his story was not true.

The second vantage point was that of Robin. She then, informs the group that The Captain was not interested in Becky, but rather her. Sadly though, we learn that it was not her that he was interested in, but Lily.

With the Lily story, we learn that while Robin was drunk and Ted was stoned, she made a comment about a painting of an elephant, which led her and the group to be led upstairs. When Lily says she likes the elephant painting more then she does the priceless work of art that was hanging above the Captain’s bed, he calls her just a schoolteacher. This leads her to go “kindergarten justice” on the captain and she steals the priceless ashtray.

After talking it over with Marshall, she informs him that she hates being a schoolteacher but will suck it up and return the ashtray to the captain. Upon returning the tray to the captain, he tells her that the elephant painting that she loved was actually worth a lot of money, in which he sold it for 4 million dollars. He then asks her if she would consider being his new art consultant, and she of course says yes.

One of the hidden storylines that could be something big later in the season though, is that Barney believes that if he does not take part in crazy stories, which he wasn’t in any of the stories this episode, he feels like he has no purpose in life. This could mean foreshadowing later in the season. And thus ends the episode, the ashtray.



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