'How I Met Your Mother' Recap: Weekend at Barney's

By Brett Phillippe,

It was an episode filled with laughter, drama, and explosions on How I Met Your Mother last night in their episode aptly titled, “Weekend At Barney’s”.

The episode starts out at the bar where Lily and Marshall announce that they will be attending an art show for her new job as an art collector for the captain. Before they leave to go to the art show, Marshall picks up a big bag of Skittles, which leads to his downfall.

As they get to the art show, Marshall struggles to make lasting conversations. As he stands in the back of the room feeling like a failure, the artist says that he has dedicated his entire gallery to the memory of his grandmother. He then asks for a moment of silence, it is here then that Marshall’s skittles drop to the ground creating a loud noise. After this happens, Marshall gets ready to leave in shame but the artist and him find out they both are die hard Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans and this results in him getting the art for Lily and her new job.

In the storyline that focuses on Barney, Ted, and Robin, we have a very different story. After Ted and his crazy girlfriend breakup, he decides he wants to get back together with her. As he is approaching her apartment, Barney who tells him he wont be getting back with Jeanette, and decides to help him get a new date to the wedding with the help of the playbook picks him up. This is interesting because last season we thought the playbook was dead. Barney then sends Ted to pick up women in different roles, all involving him saying “penis” a lot. It is during this that Robin walks in and sees the playbook and storms out. Barney runs after her, leading to them reconciling that Barney has to lie a little bit because their relationship was built on likes but underneath is the truth of his love for her. Now, while Barney is explaining this, Ted hooks up with Jeanette at the bar and brings her back to his place.

She sees the playbook and torches the apartment, the playbook, and the red boots. This all leads Ted to finally admit he is ready to settle down.

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