Howard Stern slams Clive Davis's stance on Kelly Clarkson, defends former 'American Idol' alum

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

While Kelly Clarkson has said her piece following the quotes released regarding her experience with Clive Davis in his new memoir The Soundtrack of My Life, radio host Howard Stern is standing up for the American Idol alum, slamming the producing icon for his statements.

According to Access Hollywood, Davis continues to defend his statements that Clarkson was difficult to work with when piecing together her albums, especially regarding songs “Since U Been Gone” and “Because of You," he explained to Ryan Seacrest.

Clarkson previously slammed the claims, stating that she “refused to be bullied,” and calling Davis’s claims a “memory lapse.” Davis maintained his statements saying he had each and every fact verified before publication.

However, “From the very beginning I believed in Kelly and I still believe in her as an artist. What our memory differs over is what and how much she disliked ‘Since U Been Gone’ and ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes.’ and how much I liked ‘Because of You’ when I first heard it.”

He continued, “Before this chapter went to press I had five independent, music major players read it, who were there during that period…and they totally verified it. The important thing is, as an artist, I do want to make it clear Kelly Clarkson is still growing. I’ve seen the growth in her and dispute our different memory recall issues. The bigger issue as an artist is she is growing and she will have a major career.”

Us Weekly notes that Stern, unable to handle Davis’s continuous defense, took to his station to slam the 80-year-old music vet's stance, saying, "I always find it sickening when management guys like to set the record straight about how f--king creative and what geniuses they are. And, like, this guy's trying to diminish what she does? Doesn't he have enough in life? Can't he sort of tell his story without f--king degrading her and putting her down?"

Davis has not fired back at Stern's defense for Clarkson.



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