Humanity in 'The Walking Dead' episode 'Home'

By Shannon Toohey,
The Walking Dead at a Turning Point

It is now safe to remove your hand from over your mouth.

In The Walking Dead Episode 310, titled “Home,” the characters of The Walking Dead are at the edge of a pitfall. The question leading up to the next episode seems to be, what does the group need to do, and the question of humanity. It seems gone are the days when people realized that walkers were once living breathing humans.

The episode opens with Rick seeing Lori in the courtyard, still in her wedding dress. She appears and reappears, leading him outside of the prison by a small bridge. It had me jumping for joy to see the wonderful actress Sarah Wayne Callies’ face back on the Walking Dead screen. She is not really Lori, but seeing her hanging around in two separate episodes really raises the question of why.

She is there to prove Rick’s insanity for one. When Rick tells Hershel that he imagines Lori, and once Shane, not only does he say “I’ve got…stuff…out here.” He adds that the visions must be happening for a reason and maybe they will make sense eventually. Look, I know we are supposed to assume that Lori is dead. All arrows point to Lori being dead. Regardless, the writers are known for trying to leave subtle hints of things to come. Lori’s reappearance was certainly not subtle, but I think it is safe to say that there is a method behind the writer’s (or Rick’s) madness. For now it is enjoyable and satisfying to have a glimpse of a character to remind us of the show’s former era.

It seems the Governor has lost all humanity at this point. After the shootout, I was shocked to see what is being coined as “a walker bomb.” Just drive right into the prison. Thank goodness Axel was the only character harmed, although shockingly. And it seemed like he was just about to warm up to Carol. Can’t Carol have nice things?

Also, it did not take long for Daryl to return, so the girls who left last week’s episode in distress can relax. (I’ll admit, I was one of them). We can also applaud that he has made it clear where his loyalties lie- with his BFF Rick. When that arrow shot through the walker’s head, I sure as heck cheered! Merle finally obliged, so he’s back too. We will see how that turns out.

Glen and Maggie still have bad air between them and Glenn is on a crazy power trip for a bit. Michonne ends up fighting, the walker bomb helps, but who knows how she feels after watching Rick physically embrace nothing. Andrea is the deciding factor of where the show turns next.

A new addition: Title Analysis.

This episode was entitled “Home.” Perhaps in reference to the seed of what home is, in Andrea’s eyes. It could also mean that there is no longer a safe place that the group can call home. Home is not what it used to be. Rick’s plan was to fortify, but is that even possible anymore? As Lori said in the beginning of Season 3, “It’s time to get the house in order.” Can this humanity be spared?

Watch Sunday at 9 on AMC to see the next episode, “I Ain’t A Judas.”



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