Intruder was caught in Rihanna's house

By Gavriella Tjandra,

A man was arrested in Rihanna's Southern California home in the Pacific Palisades.

The surrounding neighbors contacted the authorities once they saw a man snooping around the house, and stopped him on the spot, as reported by TMZ.

According to the police, the suspect said someone sent a clear, perfect instruction to get in the singer's house, and therefore he tried it out.

It is clear that the instruction worked, because he was able to get in the house.

One source said, after realizing something wrong, a neighbor went inside the house and confronted the man. The neighbor eventually detained him, and called the police. Law enforcement brought him into custody.

The intruder was charged with burglary. It was unclear whether Rihanna was at home. This report must be a bummer for the singer as she just celebrated her birthday on February 21.

Rumor has it that Rihanna is back together with her former boyfriend Chris Brown, but it is not a rumor anymore. It looks like she herself confirms it - she celebrated her birthday with Brown, E! News reported.



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