Jane Fonda was not a fan of Seth MacFarlane's 'We Saw Your Boobs'

By Danielle Fredette,

This year's Oscars host Seth MacFarlane is receiving quite a bit of backlash for his performance this past Sunday, much of it for his song, "We Saw your Boobs."

On Tuesday, Girls creator Lena Dunham voiced her opinion on Twitter, tweeting "Ladies: Anne Hathaway is a feminist and she has amazing teeth. Let's save our bad attitudes for the ones who aren't advancing the cause."

She later clarified, "Hey ragers. 'The ones who aren't advancing the cause' I mentioned aren't always, or mostly, women. Case in point: I saw your boobs."

Now Jane Fonda is speaking up as well. On her official website, she wrote, "What I really didn't like was the song and dance number about seeing actresses boobs. I agree with someone who said, 'If they want to stoop to that, why not list all the penises we've seen?' Better yet, remember that this is a telecast seen around the world watched by families with their children and to many this is neither appropriate or funny."

One person who did appreciate MacFarlane's song was Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. She stated, "I loved the boob song. I thought [Seth MacFarlane] was great!' reports US Weekly.

MacFarlane recently said that he would never host the Oscars again.



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