Jay Cutler re-proposed to Kristen Cavallari via text message

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Kristen Cavallari has revealed that their wedding is currently “in motion.” And while the reality starlet isn’t revealing any more details, she did however explain how her Bears quarterback fiancé popped the question.

Cavallari and Jay Cutler were previously engaged before calling it quits. Months later they reconciled and announced that they were once again engaged.

The former Hills starlet revealed to E! News’ Giuliana Rancic that Cutler did re-propose, explaining, “It was so silly. I was in the airport, leaving Chicago. We had just spent however many days together and we were texting and somehow it came up, like, 'Oh, shall we get married?' We're like, 'Yeah, OK.' And then he sent my ring in the mail. So I actually had my ring sitting at home for a couple of weeks before I put it on."

As for the wedding date, Cavallari reveals it will take place this year as the two have colors picked out, the vicinity booked as well as people. She reveals, “I'm hoping to keep it around 160."

The two welcomed a son, Camden, August 2012.

A special interview featuring Cavallari will air on March 10 on E!



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