Jenny McCarthy got a tattoo during the Super Bowl

By Alexi Knock,

While millions of viewers were waiting for the 34-minute Super Bowl blackout to end at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Jenny McCarthy got a new tattoo.

#jennymccarthy at #svedka anti-valentine party at #agency on Twitpic

On Monday morning, the comedian tweeted a photo of her new tattoo of a rose and vines on her right foot. Perhaps the comedian was trying to kill time while the lights were out.

The tweet stated, “Got a new tattoo during half time black out. So excited 2 b wearing heels on The Today Show this morning.”

McCarthy appeared on The Today Show this morning as part of her press rounds promoting her new VH1 show, The Jenny McCarthy Show.

McCarthy said of her new show in a Vh1 blog, “I wanted it to feel like people were at a party.”

McCarthy, who has appeared as a centerfold in Playboy, threw a Super Bowl party on Friday.

On Monday, the funny gal tweeted, “Cramps on press tour. Doing Kathy lee and Hoda next. Hoping they have a heating pad and Whisky. Wait... Of course they will have Whisky."

Photo Courtesy of TwitPic



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