Joan Rivers makes fat jokes about Adele on Letterman (Video)

By Danielle Fredette,

Joan Rivers, known for her rude remarks about celebrities on E!'s The Fashion Police, was at it again on the Late Show With David Letterman Tuesday night.

During her interview, Rivers gave an Oscars recap, in which she took a few digs at Adele over her weight. While she did say that meeting the "Skyfall" singer was one of the highlights of her night - to which Letterman replied that Adele is a "lovely woman" - Rivers couldn't help but make a gesture afterward that imitated a fat person, reports the LA Times.

In response to boos from the audience, Rivers continued, “Oh no, she’s thin. Can we just talk to each other here? What is her song, ‘Rolling in the Deep?’ She should add ‘fried chicken.’”

In one last attempt, Rivers explained how Adele talked to her before the show about her performance nerves. “She was saying, ‘My throat, my throat! I don’t know if I can swallow!’ and I said, ‘Oh yeah, you can swallow.’”

Rivers also tweeted after the Oscars, "On Sunday night, you could easily pick Adele's Oscar statuette out of a lineup. It was the only one wearing Spanx."

Watch Joan's interview on The Late Show below.



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