Joan Rivers won't apologize for comment she made about Holocaust on 'Fashion Police'

By Gina DiFalco,

Veteran comedienne Joan Rivers is known for pushing her limits when it comes to humor and her comment about Heidi Klum on her E! show Fashion Police is no exception.

Rivers is under fire for a comment she made about the German model, in which she said "The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens."

Now, Rivers is under fire from the Anti-Defamation League, who wants her to apologize.

Abraham H. Foxman, the league’s director says about her remark, “Of all people, Joan Rivers should know better. This remark is so vulgar and offensive to Jews and Holocaust survivors, and indeed to all Americans, that we cannot believe it made it to the airwaves. Almost as bad as her original comment is the fact that she sat there doubled over with laughter after saying it,” Starpulse reports.

Foxman, a Holocaust survivor, continued “There are certain things about the Holocaust that should be taboo. This is especially true for Jews, for whom the Holocaust is still a deeply painful memory. It is vulgar and offensive for anybody to use the death of six million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to make a joke, but this is especially true for someone who is Jewish and who proudly and publicly wears her Jewishness on her sleeve."

Daily Mail reports that 79-year-old Rivers will not apologize, saying “My husband lost the majority of his family at Auschwitz, and I can assure you that I have always made it a point to remind people of the Holocaust through humor.”

Rivers has recently been under fire again for making a fat joke about British singer Adele on David Letterman’s late night show.



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