Julianne Hough gets playful with boyfriend Ryan Seacrest in radio interview

By Catherine Silver,

Julianne Hough stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest Thursday morning to chat about her upcoming film Safe Haven.

The blonde beauty answered all of Ryan’s questions with a game of “Truth Pong.” The goal is to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup. If she misses the cup, then she must answer one of Ryan’s tough questions.

E! Online reports that after challenging Julianne to the game, Ryan first questions her with “Which dog do you love more Lexi or Harley?” The Safe Haven starlet quickly answers with a “What?! That’s so rude,” and admits that she couldn’t possibly pick between the adorable pair.

Keeping with the playful spirit of the game, Ryan next teases Julianne about her sibling rivalry with brother and fellow Dancing with the Stars alum, Derek Hough. Julianne cordially admits that Derek really is the better dancer. She raves about his many talents, stating that, “Derek is the most talented person I know. He can pick up any instrument and teach himself. He plays every instrument, he sings, he acts, he dances... He is the Gene Kelly of our generation. He’s incredible, I’m so proud of him.”

Ryan also shows off his sweet side in the interview. Surprisingly, Ryan wasn’t as bothered by the scenes where Julianne cozies up to co-star Josh Duhamel as he was by the part of the film where she gets roughed up a bit. According to USA Today, Ryan admits, “For me, it was tough to see you get pushed. There are scenes were she gets beaten up.”

Julianne later reciprocates the sweet behavior by acknowledging that she’s wearing a special gold necklace given to her by Ryan as a good luck charm. Sounds like this perfect pair will be in a state of bliss when Safe Haven premieres on Valentine’s Day.



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