Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunite at concert and spend night together

By Sarah McClanahan,

Justin Bieber and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez reunited on Friday night for a concert, with Gomez reportedly departing his house the following morning.

The pair met up publically for the first time since their messy break-up fight in Mexico over the holidays. Gomez had trust issues and felt Bieber was too immature for her.

A source commented, “Justin is super needy and can be a big baby around Selena. It's hard for him to make real friends because he likes the temporary attention of strangers, but didn't see how it hurt Selena. Selena didn't feel Justin was respectful of their relationship. She was constantly catching him in positions with other girls that would make her uncomfortable. She would get super jealous.” Radar Online reveals.

After the break-up, Gomez threw out gifts Bieber had given her, and admitted that she was doing well.

“I’m really good. I’ve been recording, having a lot of fun with my girlfriends, having a good time,” she said.

Selena and Justin attended a showcase at the Soho House in Los Angeles on Friday for an up-and-coming girl group called Young LA, reports MTV.

According to AZ Central, Gomez spent the night at Bieber’s house after the concert and was escorted home by his bodyguard Saturday morning.

Although her friends have suggested she avoid Bieber, Gomez has had a difficult time of completely cutting off ties.

“It never ends. We’ll see. It’s such drama with them,” an insider revealed.



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