Justin Bieber set to release another concert movie

By Briana Luca,
Bieber will take the silver screen once again in a "Believe" Tour concert film

Justin Bieber is going to make sure every single one of his fans has the opportunity to go and see him in concert, for the rest of his career.

No, he’s not giving away a lifetime supply of tickets to all Beliebers all over the world but going to ensure that all his concerts are made into movies.

So it seems.

PERFEITO on Twitpic

Reported by MTV News, it’s been revealed that Bieber will turn his “Believe” tour into a concert movie, similar to his most recent Never Say Never 3D film.

Scooter Braun, Bieber’s mentor and manager, released a statement to MTV News about how him and Justin came to the decision to make sure every fan has a concert experience.

"He wants to put each one of his tours for the rest of his career in theaters for at least one weekend so that kid can to the theater, pay their $10 and have that experience."

According to Antimusic.com, Bieber recently filmed his last two concerts in Miami for the film.

The concert movie has no official release date yet but it’s currently being edited so fans should expect it soon.



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