Kate Gosselin opens up about being bullied and feeling 'hopeless'

By Stephanie Kaplan,
The mom of eight shares stories of struggling to forget the past

Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin is opening up about her past, and says she was a victim of "adult bullying."

Gosselin, 37, recently wrote a lengthy blog post on Bullyville describing her past experiences, which include feeling "insecure" and "ugly."

The star shares, “I was definitely bullied back then [during middle school] and the cruel comments and mean displays are memories that have left deep scars that remain with me till this day. Bullying made me feel insecure, alone, ugly, powerless and hopeless at times. Being bullied was the most difficult part of my early teen years.”

While Gosselin thought bullying was a juvenile act, she shared, “When my life became very public in 2006 with the airing of our show Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC, I was honestly surprised that ‘adult bullying’ via the Internet existed.”

She goes on to say that people said hurtful and false comments not just toward her, but toward her eight kids as well.

According to Us Weekly, the star was rejected from appearing on the All-Star edition of Dancing with the Stars. Gosselin appeared on the 10th season of the show, but was eliminated in the third round.

Additionally, Gosselin was fired from her job at CouponCabin this past October. However, the famous mother says, “I won't stop until I've succeeded in achieving any given goal. With all I've been through, one thing I know about myself is that my persistence is hard to stop! I think of myself as the energized bunny! I just keep going, and going and going!”

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