Katie Couric victim of prank calls from number registered to late husband

By Kristin Ambrosino,

Katie Couric has recently been the target of prank calls. Her late husband's cell phone has been making 911 calls and sending police officers to her house.

The New York Daily News notes that every Tuesday at 2 a.m., a phone registered to Jay Monahan dials 911, and there have been at least ten calls over the past month.

According to The Huffington Post, the police are continually investigating whether Couric is a victim of "spoofing," which is when someone uses a device to hijack a phone and make calls. Couric has even asked police commissioner, Ray Kelly, for help.

Couric gets no sleep and is completely rattled by the situation since she was out of town the last time this happened, and the time before that, nobody was even home. Couric is constantly woken up by an emergency operator who automatically dials back.

According to TheStir.com, this is similar to the situations that have occurred to Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian, and Tom Cruise when SWAT teams were sent to their homes when it was completely unnecessary for them to be there.



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