Is Katy Perry planning her own clothing line?

By Stephanie Kaplan,
While it isn't yet official, the pop sensation is rumored to be creating her own line of clothing

With such a unique and eclectic style, it's no surprise that Katy Perry may be diving into the world of fashion.

The Sun reports that the “Firework” singer wants to collaborate with her best friend Johnny Wujek, who is a fashion stylist, to create her own clothing line.

The site repots a source said, “Katy has been asked about setting up her own fashion line for years. But she’s started to talk about it seriously with Johnny now.”

According to Contactmusic.com, the star's new line would be inspired by her own style, as well as that of other celebrities. A source stated, “They would use inspiration from the likes of Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani because they are sophisticated dressers - very bright and vintage-looking stuff.''

The singer already has two of her own perfumes in store. Perry has previously talked about her brand and shared, “I have seen a lot of the perfumes out there - some of my peers - and I'm like, 'Did you really approve this?' You can't just cash in all the time. I've always told anyone I'm working with that if I don't like the product, I'm not going to show up.”

Perry, 28, is currently dating fellow musician John Mayer, 35.

Photo Courtesy of INF Daily



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