Kendall Jenner gets a 'Sharpie tat'

By April Chieffo,

Did Kendall Jenner just get a new tattoo? Yes and no.

Kendall Jenner showed off a new tattoo, located on her back, this week. No need to worry, though, it was only a temporary tattoo created by makeup artist Nat Wood. She sketched it on with a Sharpie.

The oversized "tat" was a skull wearing a Native American headdress.

Photo: Kendall Jenner, Instagram

“Thank you @badwoodx [Nat Wood] for the amazing sharpie tat!” she captioned the photo on Instagram. “I loveeeee [it] you're amaz!”

Although it was only a “Sharpie tat,” the 17-year-old once thought seriously about getting a real one.

According to Us Weekly, in 2011, Kendall celebrated her 16th birthday and wanted to get a tattoo, so she headed to Las Vegas with the intention of getting her first tattoo. She wanted to get inked on the back of her neck. She wanted a tattoo of the expression, “vous tees belles,” which means “you are beautiful” in French.

At the time, her parents Bruce and Kris gave her permission, but it was ultimately Kendall who decided not to get one. She wasn’t 100 percent ready for it.



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