Kim Kardashian insists 'I do not want to be married to Kris when I have my baby'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Yesterday Kris Humphries filed a motion to block Kim Kardashian's request to speed up their divorce proceedings, which have been going on since their 2011 split. Kardashian is adamant that she wants a divorce so she can enjoy a fresh start at life before her child is born this summer.

“I do not want to be married to [Humphries] when I have my baby,"
Kardashian stated in a declaration which supports her previous request to speed up the divorce process, E! News reported.

Humphries' lawyer, Marshall Waller, refuted the claims yesterday saying, "What is really going on here is that an 'urgency' in the form of an apparently unplanned pregnancy, something [Humphries] had nothing to do with, is perceived by [Kardashian] as an opportunity to gain a litigation advantage by trying to force this court to prematurely set this matter for trial."

Kardashian on the other hand explained in her documents, “Immediately upon it becoming known to the public that I was pregnant ... I began to see articles in the media with quotes attributed to [Humphries] stating that now that I am pregnant he has 'got all the power,' 'that he is in control of my misery' and that he is not going 'to allow' me to be divorced by the time I have my baby."

The reality starlet insists for the health of her and her unborn child that she be granted legal relief from the NBA star.

Humphries refuses to waver in the divorce case as he insists that Kardashian fraudulently married him for fame and money. Kardashian maintains she was in love with Humphries at the time of their nuptials; they were married for 72 days following a lavish A-list ceremony, which aired on E!

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