Kim Kardashian wants divorce before baby's birth

By Lindsay Barton,

Kim Kardashian is ready to be done with Kris Humphries.

I love this couple! #KIMYE ❤‏  on Twitpic

By the time she gives birth in July, she wants the divorce drama to be over.

She filed a motion last month requesting a trial date be set as soon as possible or a judge legally dissolving her marriage, while other issues be settled in court, according to E! News. Humphries’s attorney claimed yesterday that Kim was using her pregnancy to speed up the divorce process.

Kardashian wrote in court documents to set the case for trial or end her marital status.

“I do not want to be married to Humphries when I have my baby,” she stated. “I am requesting the status of my marriage be determined now for not only my health and welfare but also for the health and well-being of my unborn child."

People magazine reports money may be at stake. Kardashian said she should not be constrained in her financial endeavors because her marriage exists in her name only. She does not want the status of her marriage to affect any new investments she might make, like the purchase of a new home.

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