Lady Gaga visits terminally ill fan following tour cancellation

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Lady Gaga announced this week that she would have to cancel the remainder of her tour due to severe joint pain and a hip injury. Following the news, local reports surfaced of a terminally ill child who traveled from Wisconsin to Chicago to see her favorite artist, only to be disappointed by the news. Gaga in turn made a personal visit to make up for the disappointment.

According to E! News, Gaga read about 5-year-old Kayleigh Gurbynski, who was diagnosed with Turners Syndrome in addition to a terminal heart condition, and opted to make good on Kayleigh’s wish.

WSAU reports that previous arrangements were made for Kayleigh to see Gaga with front row seats. Following the disappointment of the tour's cancellation , Gaga paid one of her biggest fans a visit.

“She can’t do the show due to joint pain. She can barely walk herself, and in spite of the fact that there’s no show, she made an effort to meet Kaylee. I’ve never seen that happen in my history of being in radio,” said WIFC radio personality Tony Waitekus.

He adds,” It just goes to show that no matter what you say about some of these high-falutin artists, many of them do have huge hearts and put them to good use sometimes, and that happened here. She did the right thing, and she did it because she wanted to do it. I just can’t say enough about her for doing that.”



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