Lindsay Lohan could be offered plea deal in lying-to-cops case

By Daniel S Levine,

Prosecutors are reportedly ready to offer Lindsay Lohan a plea deal that will keep her out of jail in her lying-to-cops case. It is also being reported that police did in fact smell alcohol on her at the time of the accident in June 2012.

Just after it was reported that her lawyer tried to get the case dismissed, TMZ is now reporting that prosecutors have put together a plea deal that will involve no jail time, but will require her to go back to rehab because cops now say they smelled alcohol on her at the time. The site’s sources say that a bottle was in the car, but police didn’t perform a sobriety test. (In addition, reports after the accident suggested that police found no alcohol in her system.)

The plea deal will have Lohan spending 60 days in rehab and she will have to go to AA meetings. She’ll also do community service, which she will be allowed to complete in New York under strict supervision.

TMZ’s sources said that the LA City Attorney had wanted Lohan to spend time in jail if it was found that she violated her probation by lying to cops after the accident. However, prosecutors have backed off of that position.

Prosecutors are set to meet with Lohan’s attorney Mark Heller today to formally present him with the offer.

At the moment, Lohan’s case is set to go before a judge on Friday and she will have to attend another hearing on March 18.



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