Lindsay Lohan intends to clean up her image by volunteering

By Danielle Fredette,

With a court date set for next month, actress and party girl Lindsay Lohan is attempting to earn herself some credit with a non-profit organization.


Currently in trouble with the law once again, Lohan plans to improve her reputation by volunteering with Trinity Athletic, a non-profit in Georgia which trains girls to become athletes, dancers, and competitive cheerleaders.

Founder of the organization Kourtney Calano told omg! that Lohan previously donated a generous $50,000 back in 2011, and hoped the 26-year old could help with "mentoring young girls at a nearby gym, where the owner has given a lot of her cheerleading hopefuls free grants to be able to cheer and follow their dreams, some even Olympic hopefuls. This is something that is still in the working stages, where Lindsay will be a possible mentor to these young girls for a day to uplift them and let them know she too has struggled and overcome so much adversity in life."

A source also told omg! that Lohan was only planning to donate money rather than time, but Trinity saw it as an opportunity for both Lohan and the organization to gain some positive press.

Lohan's lawyer asked the courts on Friday to "slow track," so that she may have more time to work on herself and her image, as reported by E! News.

Photos courtesy of INFDaily



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