Lindsay Lohan reportedly wants half a million to promote Mr. Pink energy drink

By Daniel S Levine,

Lindsay Lohan is so strapped for cash that she is reportedly asking for $500,000 just to do promotional work for an energy drink called Mr. Pink.

A source told RadarOnline that Lohan will only make a proposed appearance in Dubai for the drink if the company pays up, but the executives are a little hesitant to pay her so much. “Mr. Pink is prepared to offer the actress $200k, and would pay for all of LiLo’s travel expenses,” the source said.

Lohan’s troubled past is another reason the company isn’t ready to hire her. “Dubai has very strict laws about convicted criminals entering the country, and Lindsay is still on probation for a necklace theft case,” the source added.

According to the source, Lohan also doesn’t trust her new lawyer, Mark Heller, “to handle the Dubai travel problem.”

Lohan has been in such dire financial straits that she couldn’t even pay for a dress she wore at a New York event this month. She reportedly returned the dress torn apart. Charlie Sheen, who helped her pay her taxes, offered to pay for it. She's also had to move back to New York because she couldn't afford rent in LA.

The last time Lohan appeared at a Mr. Pink event, she said she supported Mitt Romney.

Lohan has finished work on The Canyons, which will be distributed by IFC Films.



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