Lindsay Lohan returns dress Charlie Sheen offered to pay for in complete ruins

By Gina DiFalco,

Lindsay Lohan is once again proving why her reputation has been tarnished. Pictures of a dress she has returned that she completely ruined have surfaced.

The Liz and Dick actress wore a Theia dress to an AmFAR event in New York City earlier this month, but upon its return, it was completely cut in half.

"She said that the dress had ripped [at a club after the fundraiser] -- she couldn't possibly wear it like that -- so her stylist friend went to the club bouncer and requested some scissors to repair the torn part of the dress,” a source told Us Weekly about its condition.

The source then wondered "But what bouncer has scissors?"

"She turned it into a mullet! Only a fashiony person would do that! She's out of control and behaving really badly."

This is the same dress that Charlie Sheen offered to pay for, The Huffington Post reports. Sheen called celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch himself and offered to “go halfsies” on the dress.

Lohan opted to borrow it instead.



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