Lindsay Lohan says that she will finally pay ex-lawyer Shawn Holley

By Daniel S Levine,

Considering all the trouble lawyer Shawn Holley has gotten Lindsay Lohan out of, she deserves a big check from the troubled star. Lohan reportedly owes Holley at least six figures and the actress is finally going to pay her, now that someone reminded her that she has to.

TMZ is reporting that Lohan had no idea that she owed Holley as much as $150,000 in legal fees until just a few days ago. Since she remembered, she’s moved Holley up to the top spot of people she needs to pay.

Sources for TMZ say that Lohan is now interested in getting Holley back, just a few weeks after firing her. Holley has no intention of returning to Lohan, though.

Now, Lohan is vowing to cut back on extravagant expenses just to make sure Holley gets paid. She told her manager to pay Holley back as soon as possible.

Lohan still owes the government $130,000 in unpaid taxes. TMZ didn’t say if the IRS is No. 2 on Lohan’s list of people to pay back.

Lohan was in court last week. It was her first hearing with New York lawyer Mark Heller. Judge Stephanie Sautner did allow him to take over for Holley, but wasn’t interested in his small talk or his excuses for Lohan being late to the hearing.

The next hearing on her case will be on March 1, which she doesn’t have to attend. However, she will have to show for a March 18 hearing.

Lohan has been charged for lying to police following her June car crash.



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