Lindsay Lohan sues company for $1 million

By Christopher Rosa ,

Lindsay Lohan is suing her former fashion partners for $1 million in an attempt to take control of her trademarks.

The Daily News reports the Mean Girls star is suing the California apparel company that licensed her fashion label 6126 for apparently defaulting on a $900,000 royalty guarantee.

“They owe us a million dollars. We’re suing to force them to pay,” Perry C. Wanders, Lohan’s lawyer, told the Daily News.

Wanders continues, “The agreement did not have a morals clause, and Lindsay Lohan had no responsibility to promote the line, so there’s no defense for their actions,” he said. “They’re trying to insert those as a defense, but they weren’t part of this deal.”

This financial pursuit comes after we reported earlier the 26-year-old actress moved in with her mother because she could not afford living expenses in Los Angeles.

Wanders told the Daily News, “Lindsay is very passionate about her fashion design, and she’s looking forward to re-launching the line with another partner. She wants to enter into negotiations to license a clothing line and accessories.”

The original line launched in 2008 with leggings and cashmere leg warmers.

The company Lohan is suing has not commented yet.



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