Lindsay Lohan to try to clean up her image by mentoring young girls, reports state

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is on the road to improve her image before her March court date where she will face a judge for lying to police in her June California car accident case.

According to Us Weekly, LiLo is in the talks to start mentoring young, underprivileged girls at Trinity Athletics Gym, which aims to help girls get scholarships to further help reach their goals. The activities include cheerleading and tumbling classes, in addition to other activities.

Kourtney Calano, founder of Baby & I Foundation, informs that Lohan has been involved in the foundation before as she donated $50,000 back in 2011 and has since been in touch with the Mean Girls actress’ team to get her more involved as well as to discuss “entoring young girls at a nearby gym, where the owner has given a lot of her cheerleading hopefuls free grants to be able to cheer and follow their dreams, some even Olympic hopefuls. This is something that is still in the working stages, where Lindsay will be a possible mentor to these young girls for a day to uplift them and let them know she too has struggled and overcome so much adversity in life."

However no deal has been reached between the foundation and Lohan as Calano notes, "We are very busy at the moment on focusing on our upcoming NCA Nationals and that is our only focus presently. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and everyone makes mistakes. I applaud Ms. Lohan for wanting to make a difference in people's lives, especially young girls so they don't take the same road she has.”

In addition to facing charges in California next month, Lohan has faced an array of legal troubles including being fined $1,000 from a 2010 photographer incident, losing a lawsuit against Pitbull and rebuilding her legal team after Shawn Holley dismissed herself.



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