'Liz & Dick' lawsuit alleges money scam

By Gavriella Tjandra,

A producer responsible for raising money to insure Lindsay Lohan in Liz & Dick is accused of scamming an investor and is being sued to return the money.

Michael Braun said that last year he was approached by a Hollywood producer named Rick Schwartz, who admitted he was raising money for the upcoming Liz & Dick movie production, reports TMZ.

Schwartz told Braun that he needed $110,000 to get an insurance policy for a high-risk actress.

In the legal document filed in L.A. Superior Court last Thursday, Braun claimed that Schwartz persuaded him to loan him the money, and he did, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Upon the film completion, Braun asked the producer to repay him, but it quickly became obvious - Schwartz had nothing to do with the film production.

After confronting Schwartz, Braun regained not even half of the money lended ($36,313.67). He now wants the full amount and punitive damage due to the fraud.

Schwartz, who was noted as independent producer and former Miramax executive, had no connection with Lindsay for this movie but was in credits for two of her movies, Machete and Labor Pains.



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