London museum celebrates tiny animals in a ‘Micrarium’

By Vanessa Frith,

Unlike the goliath dinosaur skeletons that many call to mind when they think of natural history displays, London’s Grant Museum of Zoology opened an exhibit devoted to the miniscule.

Called the "Micrarium," the display celebrates the wealth of microscopic life forms that populate the planet, according to the Associated Press. The collection is made up of 2,323 slides arranged against a backlit wall, and showcase species including dragonfly nymphs, various beetles, and some incredibly tiny squid.

"You go to any natural history museum and it's normally full of big animals, but actually the huge majority of life on Earth is absolutely tiny, and we thought we'd right that wrong," Jack Ashby, Manager of the Grant Museum of Zoology, told the Associated Press.

"We want to give people a chance to see what makes up most of the animal kingdom."

According to Art Daily, the exhibit is part of a development project focused on improving museums and galleries.

“The Micrarium is a real experiment – we don’t think anything like this has ever been done before,” Ashby told Art Daily. “Museums have struggled to come up with a good way of displaying material like this. Our solution is a really beautiful installation where people can explore the huge diversity of tiny lives. We can’t wait to see what people think.”

The Grant Museum of Zoology is free to the public.



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