Madonna fires back at adoption criticism

By Christopher Rosa,

Madonna and Angelina Jolie are currently under the criticism of Mozambique-born Supermodel Tasha de Vasconcelos.

According to The U.K. Telegraph, de Vasconcelos said, “You don't take a child out of Africa. If you want to help them, you help them inside their country,” referring to the adoptions Madonna and Angelina Jolie have made.

However, a spokesman for Madonna fired back at these comments, calling them “reckless.”

The spokesman said, “Her children are thriving and well cared-for and are certainly being educated about their culture and where they came from.”

Madonna has had a long-standing relationship with Africa. She was reportedly inspired to adopt from Malawi after a conversation with Angelina Jolie. In addition, her Raising Malawi project is building schools in the African country.

The Independent reports de Vasconcelos criticizing Madonna and Jolie further, saying saving Africa is also about “building hope and prospects.”

Jolie’s reps have not commented yet on these statements.



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