Man arrested for driving drunk inside Florida Wal-Mart

By Daniel S Levine,

Florida has cemented itself as the weird news capital of the country and you can add this latest bizarre incident to the list. Police say that they arrested a man for driving drunk inside a Wal-mart.

The Brooksville police say Timothy Carr was driving a motorized shopping cart around the store at 9 p.m. Sunday night. He took an alcoholic beverage off the shelf and, instead of paying for it, he drank it right there and began knocking other items off of the shelf, WFLA reports.

Police confirmed that he didn’t have any money on him at the time and is a transient.

According to The Huffington Post, WFLX is reporting that he was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and retail theft. Since Carr has been arrested twice in the past, these charges are felonies.

The Huffington Post notes that Carr is just the latest person to be arrested for driving a vehicle not regularly seen on the street while drunk. Last year, Joe Bruss of Minnesota was arrested after driving a Zamboni drunk on an ice rink.



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