Marilyn Manson overcome with flu, passes out during show in Canada

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Even rocker Marilyn Manson couldn’t avoid the flu as the “Sweet Dreams” singer collapsed on-stage during a performance in Canada.

Nearly an hour into his performance at the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan TCU Place, Manson became violently ill throwing up and then passed out on-stage only moments into his hit song, “Beautiful People,” L.A. Times reported.

A source revealed at the time that Manson “stopped singing, turned to the side … and keeled over on the stage."

Billboard noted that given the theatricality of many of Manson’s performances, his band was uncertain if this was a part of the stage drama or if the 44-year-old rocker was truly ill. After confirming that Manson wasn’t faking illness, the concert came to a halt.

Manson was moved to a hotel room rather than a hospital TMZ reported. According to sources close to the rocker, Manson has been resting since the incident and is hoping to have recovered by tomorrow evening when he is slated to perform in Calgary.



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