Marion Cotillard toasted as Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year

By Daniel S Levine,

Marion Cotillard was at Harvard University on Thursday to be toasted by Hasty Pudding Theatricals as the annual Woman of the Year for 2013.

The Rust and Bone actress took part in a parade through Cambridge, Mass., which was followed by a roasting from Hasty Pudding president Renée Rober and vice president Ben Moss.

According to Boston.com, the students weren’t very harsh towards the Oascar-winning French actress, but they did point out some of the bad movies on her resume. Rober told her that A Good Year is “is English for ‘A Bad Movie.’ ”

Later, the crowd roared when she sang some Edith Piaf songs. Cotillard won an Oscar for playing the singer in La vie en Rose.

Starpulse notes that she also recited lines from Taxi Driver and Forrest Gump, all while the students were in drag. “You are good kissers. That was long, warm, sweet, soft,” she told them.

She also weighed in on the Oscar race, saying, “I’m totally in love with Jennifer Lawrence” and that she was impressed by The Impossible’s Naomi Watts.

Cotillard had never visited Boston before and had no idea what to expect. “...I really didn’t want to investigate and find out what the roast would be like,” she said.

Claire Danes won the award last year. The Man of the Year will be announced next week and will follow in Jason Segel’s footsteps.

image: YouTube



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