Megan Fox's husband Brian Austin Green gives first glimpse of baby Noah

By Gina DiFalco,

The first picture of Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green’s son Noah has made its debut.

Fans were able to get a glimpse of 4-month-old Noah while Green cradled him in his arms in his Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hotel room.

While the family was in Brazi, they visited the Samba School in Sao Paulo and onlooked locals doing a "capoeira dance,” Us Weekly reports.

Back in December, Fox said of having her son "The whole thing has been overwhelming because I didn't realize you could love something so much, and I know people always say that but I love him so much it hurts and it's an interesting feeling to have because I never felt that before."

She also told Jay Leno about being pregnant that she had really bad morning sickness.

"It was so bad for me. . . I was convinced that I was, like, maybe birthing a vampire baby like the one in Twilight -- you know what happens to Bella, where she's in cold sweats all the time -- and I felt like that was happening because I had no vitamins and nutrients and I was just nauseous. Something not human was happening!" she said.



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