Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have called it quits

By Stephanie Kaplan,
After almost a year together, the celebrity couple have decided to go their separate ways

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have decided to end their relationship after almost a year together. Despite the news not coming out till now, it is reported that the pair actually split in the beginning of February.

According to Us Weekly, a source said that the two had trouble maintaining a long distance relationship, as both actors are constantly traveling for work.

The duo had been spotted together starting last March, but remained quiet on their status until recently. Perez Hilton reports the two had bought a place together in Brooklyn, NY just a couple of months ago.

Williams' daughter, 7-year-old Matilda, had spent plenty of time with Segel, and the two became close. A source told Us Weekly, “He's been doing all sorts of 'dad stuff' with her, like drawing and playing music."

Matilda was born back in 2005, while Williams was dating late actor Heath Ledger. However, the couple decided to breakup in 2007 after a three year relationship. Ledger then passed away after an accidental drug overdose in January 2008.

Photo Courtesy of INF Daily



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