Mike Vogel and Dean Norris join CBS in production of Stephen King’s ‘Under The Dome’

By Daniel S Levine,

Mike Vogel and Dean Norris will take lead roles in Under The Dome, CBS’s adaptation of a Stephen King novel, set to air this summer.

Vogel, who starred on ABC’s short-lived Pan Am, will play an Army veteran named Dale "Barbie" Barbara, reported Zap2It. Dale is named the leader of Chester Mill, a small Maine town that is suddenly shut off from the world by a clear dome installed by the government. His fellow citizens aren’t happy under these conditions, but Dale especially, since he was trying to leave the town just before it was cut off.

Vogel has also appeared in The Help and Cloverfield.

Today, Breaking Bad star Dean Norris joined the cast, according to Entertainment Weekly. He will play James “Big Jim” Rennie, a local politician and car salesman who tries to take advantage of Chester Mill’s unique situation to obtain control of the town. It sounds like he and Dale will spend most of the series butting heads.

Britt Robertson and Natalie Martinez also star in the series.

Under The Dome will be produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin and CBS TV. The network ordered 13 episodes, which will start airing on June 24. Four days after each episode airs, they will be available on Amazon Instant Video.



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