Miley Cyrus blasts Perez Hilton for spreading false gossip about Ed Westwick hook-up

By Lena Finkel,
Miley Cyrus gets feisty about a Perez Hilton post

Note to self: do not get Miley Cyrus riled up.

The Disney star took to her Twitter, blasting blogger Perez Hilton for accusing her of being up to no good with Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick last night.

The original Perez Hilton post accused the two actors of being in the same car and offered photographic evidence, although the site never showed photos of the two together.

Cyrus responded by Tweeting:

She then continued, saying:

After Miley’s Tweets, Perez Hilton posted a correction to the story, along with Miley’s tweets. Hilton almost seemed pleased with Miley’s response and wrote, “We love it when Disney stars reach out to us!”

Could the blogger just have been looking for a little attention? Hopefully Hilton will take Miley’s words to heart.



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