‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: ‘Harry & Mindy’

By May Chan,
Will Mindy find her true love at the Empire State Building?

As Mindy does her usual narration, we come to find her at the Empire State Building looking for Mr. Right. As a frequent visitor, Mindy raises alarm with the security who protect the building.

During the interrogation, Mindy tells the man that she’s looking for someone in particular. She hopes to meet someone in his mid-30s, who’s mysterious and tall. However, the interrogator and Mindy are on the wrong page. The interrogator assumes Mindy’s a threat and asks that someone from homeland security get called.

Mindy, who doesn’t get the point, attempts to touch the man’s facial hair before armed security busts inside. Mindy finally gets the point that the man is not interested in her.

While at the office, Danny who was just dumped by Jillian, is sprawled on the floor semi-undressed giving off an uncommon odor.

Mindy compares Danny to a ladybug that has just flipped over. A pathetic Danny gets dressed when Jeremy walks in babbling about how he doesn’t have Valentine’s Day plans because girls will expect more if he flowers them with gifts, so Jeremy, like Danny, doesn’t have plans.

Nonetheless, Mindy has plans with Jaime, who is still BFFs with Lucy, the woman who gets too touchy feely with Jamie.

Mindy has a plan to set Lucy up with Danny, but when Danny arrives at the restaurant with Mindy, he won’t stop talking about the fish in front of him. The fish reminds him of Jillian, and Danny insists that he and Jaime switch seats, so he can avoid any triggers that would bring back the pains of the breakup.

Mindy assumes the date will fail because Danny would not stop talking about his breakup, but surprisingly, Lucy is all ears on the breakup.

Meanwhile, Jeremy coaches Morgan on how to flirt with a woman, whom he has been admiring. Morgan would have wanted to surprise the girl by getting in the back seat of her car, but Jeremy insists it’s a felony. Morgan thinks that just because it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s not considered a criminal act to surprise her.

As the double date continues, Danny and Lucy are having a blast. They’re feeding each other food, talking about tattoos, and reminiscing about songs.

Mindy tries to distract a jealous Jamie by also feeding him romantically, but it backfires when he starts choking. In order to avoid Mindy’s Heimlich maneuver, Jamie exits the restaurant and tries to humorously give himself the Heimlich maneuver using the parking meter.

Mindy tries to get Jamie to see that he’s in love with Lucy. Instead, Jamie takes Mindy to the Empire State Building. Mindy feels like it’s the most romantic act. Nevertheless, Mindy’s attempt to get Jamie to see that he’s in love with Lucy prevails in the very last minute.

Mindy’s dream of having a romantic gesture up on the Empire State Building is dashed, but the formerly grouchy Danny shows Mindy that he can be a romantic in his own quaint way as the duo munches on possibly the worst pizza in NYC.

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