‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: ‘Mindy’s Minute’

By May Chan,
Mindy receives an offer that could change the practice.

As Danny and Mindy take the same cab to work, Mindy’s taxi commercial comes on. The educational video features Mindy in a dog suit talking about vitamins and bones. The video, which automatically repeats, drives the cab driver insane enough to want to ram into a pole.

While in the elevator, Danny and Mindy overhear patients talking about how great the holistic women’s center is, and when Mindy and her co-workers watch the commercial that the center has created featuring Maria Menounos, they realize they have to up their game.

Meanwhile, Beverly, a former employee returns despite getting let go earlier in the season. Now Beverly just needs to apply simple administrative skills to start working again, but her humorous reaction to the disc drive opening shows little promise.

The local newscasters see Mindy’s educational dog video and insist that Mindy appear in their segment. However, Mindy declines when she finds out that audiences just take pity in her taxi video.

Later on, a little nudge from Morgan pushes Mindy to see the potential in appearing in the local news. Mindy thinks she can be a celebrity, so she ends up accepting the newscasters’ offer.

Mindy assumes she can use her puppet prop in the segment, but Danny ends up coaching Mindy on how to succeed in the segment.

Before the segment, Mindy’s pregnant patient, Kelsey, goes into false labor, and Mindy runs to help out. Although Mindy tells Danny that she would be back in time, she isn’t back.

Mindy tells Danny over the phone that he should cover for her, but he ends up messing up big time as Mindy and her sarcastic patient watches from the hospital room.

Not only does Danny say “vagina” on live television (Danny coached Mindy to never say “vagina”), he knocks down the props and relies on Mindy’s puppet, Erica.

The next day at the office, Beverly finally has enough courage to ask for help with email attachment. Her co-workers are glad to help as Beverly comically navigates her desktop with the mouse. The only problem was that the inappropriate email attachment sent was for Jeremy.

Mindy demonstrates how to properly use Erica as an educational prop, and all her co-workers laugh in unison proving that Mindy’s little juvenile prop can make a positive difference compared to Danny’s serious approach to the segment.

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