‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: ‘The One That Got Away’

By May Chan,
Can Mindy find love with Seth Rogen?

As usual, Mindy likes to over share in the office, so when her crush from Jewish sleepaway camp reconnected with her over food porn, Mindy is smitten once again.

Flashback to a 13-year-old Mindy getting teased by a boy, but then crush-worthy Sam befriends her. The present Sam (guest star, Seth Rogen) meets up with Mindy at the office.

While going out, Sam drops a bombshell that he’s going to return to the army, even though Mindy had thought that her teenage crush could turn into something more.

When she returns to the office, Mindy relays this information to her co-workers, who are shocked that she would ditch a guy that’s only back in New York temporarily.

Not only does Betsy tell Mindy off, but Danny also chimes in that Mindy probably thinks that her life is like Sex and the City.

Mindy reconsiders and looks for Sam at every tattoo parlor possible in Manhattan before finding Sam getting a tattoo of the word, “Army.”

However, when Mindy apologizes to Sam and professes that she would like to spend the rest of the time with him, Sam leaves his tattoo unfinished. Despite the “Arm” tattoo, Sam nonchalantly leaves with Mindy.

Mindy and Sam discover little tidbits about themselves as they peruse the aisle of a drugstore. When they use the self-checkout machine, Mindy clearly is not a fan of the machine. The feeling is apparently mutual because the machine started announcing that the duo was shoplifting.

At the subway, Sam and Mindy discuss their love for Tom Hanks. Why can’t Tom Hanks always appear in a film with Meg Ryan?

Sam runs into a veteran, and that interaction arouses Mindy enough for her to sleep with Sam. Mindy shares her dreams with Sam and how sadly, he has to return to Afghanistan.

But before his departure, Sam fixes Mindy’s air conditioner because Mindy thinks that’s part of the boyfriend duty. Unfortunately, as Mindy is talking with her back towards Sam, Sam falls out of the window.

At the emergency room, Mindy bumps into Danny. Danny is glad that Mindy is there because he wanted to seek her advice on a couple who wants him to donate his sperm to make a child for them.

Mindy knows Danny well enough to know that Danny is not ready to have a biological child out in the world, but Danny thinks it’s too late since he had already told the couple, “Yes.”

Mindy tells him he can still decline, but knowing Danny, Mindy does a favor for him by accompanying him to a meeting with the couple. Mindy tells the couple all of Danny’s bad characteristics.

Does the couple really want a sweaty, selfish baby? Case closed.

Back at the hospital, Mindy tries to stretch her time with Sam a little more, but even with Morgan’s outdated ideas on how to get kicked out of the army, it doesn’t work.

Mindy argues with Sam over him leaving, but Mindy receives a message to tend to her patient.

After writing a letter to Mindy, Sam leaves it with Danny, who waits for Mindy to get out of surgery. Danny hands the letter to Mindy, who reads it fighting back tears.

The tears, however, are bittersweet. Mindy knows the romance was short-lived. Danny cures her mini heartache by reading her the selections from the vending machine. Swedish fish anyone?

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