Monopoly may be without the iron, but it still has its fans

By Daniel S Levine,

Monopoly’s Facebook fans may have voted out the clothes iron, but the iron still has its fans. The lack of support for the token doesn’t mean that the item itself is any less relevant and old tokens are already going for silly prices on eBay.

On Thursday, Hasbro, which makes the classic game, announced that the iron received the least amount of votes in a Facebook poll, meaning that it will be replaced by a cat token in future editions.

However, The Associated Press notes that even if the iron didn’t have Facebook support, it the product itself is still used by most Americans. Sales of irons did fall 1 percent last year, but overall sales from 2007 to 2012 climbed 3 percent.

Rowenta, which is based in West Orange, NJ, told the AP that people still need irons to keep their clothes smooth and neat. New technology has made them easier to use, so don’t expect them to vanish from stores like the monopoly token.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports that eBay sellers are already taking advantage of the iron token’s death. Some are selling iron tokens for as much as $30. One listed a 1985 token for $19.99. One seller was a little overzealous and is hoping to get $2,000.

If you’d like to save some money though, the iron will make its final appearance in a Target exclusive edition that will also include the cat and the five proposed pieces the cat beat. That will retail for $17.99.



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