Movie Trailers of the Super Bowl

By Chris Baggiano,

The trailers that received coveted Super Bowl ad time, in no particular order.

1) Iron Man 3

This is the extended spot but the end was featured as a teaser during the Super Bowl. This particular trailer definitely highlights some of the Tony Starkian wit and goofiness that many of the early trailers for Iron Man 3 had. The spot featured the end airplane sequence that again highlighted the supposed "darkness" of the third installment for this movie trilogy. Iron Man may have been the best superhero movie that wasn't about Batman but Iron Man 2 was thoroughly disappointing and bloated. The injuries on Stark’s face as he saves the people jettisoned from Air Force One does suggest Stark is at least having some external forces weather him. Hopefully a more focused movie based on his internal struggles will return the trilogy back to the quality of the first movie.

2) Fast and Furious 6

Another year, another addition to the Fast and Furious franchise. There’s not much to say about this trailer. If you like the previous movies, besides the Tokyo Drift iteration, then you’ll probably enjoy this.

3) Star Trek: Into Darkness

The second installment of J.J. Abrams’s reimagining of the Star Trek franchise continues its policy of minute reveals of images and information. Here we get multiple shots of Benedict Cumberbatch’s (of Sherlock fame) villain. This seems like a much darker and more action-packed movie than the first. This is perhaps the movie that I am most excited for of all movies that received a Super Bowl spot.

4) World War Z

This is definitely the most disappointing trailer of them all. This trailer offered up next to no new material from the previous trailers. There is a bit better look at the cgi zombie onslaught, which still looks more fake than anything, but other than that there’s not much here. A trailer that clears up the story (what little there will most likely be) is definitely needed to get me more interested in this movie.

5) Oz: The Great and Powerful

This is the first movie to be released that received a Super Bowl spot and, I’ve got to say, with every new preview my interest grows. After the high on style and low on substance Burtonian reimagining of Alice in Wonderland I am still skeptical of any future remakes of classic stories. Still though, Franco seems like he could be a perfect actor to be the aloof Oz and, while colorful, Oz: The Great and Powerful looks like it will have to be supported more on its story than its director’s vision.

6) The Lone Ranger

The wild west meets Pirates of the Carribbean seems to be what this trailer is suggesting. The color palette looks a little gray and bland but that could be more of an homage to The Lone Ranger’s original black and white color scheme. Armie Hammer who exploded on the scene after his turn as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network gets his first big shot at being a leading man (and in fact is billed as such in the trailer), although I am sure Johnny Depp as Tonto will end up stealing the show as the more excitable character.



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