NBC cancels ‘Do No Harm’ after just two episodes

By Lena Finkel,

After just two weeks, NBC has officially pulled the plug on its newest show Do No Harm.

The show, which was inspired by Jekyll and Hyde, starred Steven Pasquale as a surgeon with a split personality. According to USA Today , the show premiered last Thursday with only 3.1 million viewers, giving it the worst viewer turnout on a major network for a new drama. Unfortunately, the show hit new lows when its second episode premiered with only 2.2 million viewers.

Unsurprisingly, the show is the fastest cancellation of the current season, reports The Huffington Post . Other shows cancelled this season include Ben & Kate and 666 Park Avenue.

Star Pasquale seemed reluctant to stand by the show as he told the Huffington Post prior to the premiere, “Ultimately in this scenario, I’m just the actor saying the words.”

The Holywood Reporter announced that NBC would show reruns of Law and Order: SVU in its place starting next week.

Apparently Do No Harm is not the only split personality show to struggle, however, as shows like My Own Worst Enemy were also cancelled after just a few episodes back in 2008.

image: NBC



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