NBC News President Steve Capus leaves to 'head in a new direction'

By Xingye Li,

After 20 years at NBC, NBC News President Steve Capus announced that he will leave the network on Friday.

Reuters reported that his leave is not so surprising. Rumors have spread for months, and one reason is that the morning show Today has been suffering lower ratings compared to its competitors in the past year. Another rumor is that Capus didn’t get well with his boss, Pat Fili-Krushel, who got promoted last year. Capus will leave next week, and there is no appointed successor at the moment.

Guardian regarded Capus’s leave in a time of turmoil around US Television network. Recently, ABC News anchor Chris Cuzmo joined CNN. The President of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker promoted Capus seven years ago when he was at NBC. Even Capus didn’t say where his next step will be, it is hard not to think of the possibility that Capus could join CNN.

According to the Daily Beast, Steve Capus joined NBC in 1993 and has been executive producer for shows, including NBC Nightside, NBC News at Sunrise and NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. Capus became the president of NBC News in 2005.



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