Netflix releases first original series 'House of Cards' to rave reviews

By Steven Mitchell,

So how has Netflix’s first ever original 13-episode series gone so far? Beats us; only Netflix knows and they aren’t sharing with any of us.


On Feb. 1, Netflix debuted their first series, House of Cards — not just the first episode but the entire series, Time reported. Unlike networks such as ABC or FOX, which air one episode per week, leaving audiences in suspense, Netflix offers viewers the whole series up front. The only danger is in the abundance of spoilers popping up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

According to The Telegraph, Netflix doesn’t concern itself with reviews, but with data and subscribers, although critics have responded very positively to House of Cards’ release.

Netflix reviews its network of subscribers to determine how many people are watching, what kind of following Cards has, and at what rate subscribers are watching the episodes, among other variables.

“We’re not releasing any data, but we are happy with the reception the show has gotten in the media, on social media and from our members in reviews,” said a spokesman from Netflix.

The $100 million-experiment from Netflix stars Kevin Spacey and is directed by David Fincher, who is responsible for films such as The Social Network and Seven.

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